A Sleepless Night Leads to Early Morning HVAC Appointment

When my hubby and I lie down to catch our sleep for the night the other night, the a/c was really working perfectly.

The cool air calmed and reassured us to sleep and it didn’t take long.

ABout a ninth later, I poked him until he woke up because there was the worst kind of noise coming from the a/c. The bizarre sound was so loud that it was causing my ears to hurt. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to flip off the power to the a/c unit. Within a ninth after the AC unit was shut down, it had become so hot that all of us couldn’t even stand it. I was start to have a tough time with my asthma and I had already puffed on my inhaler. My hubby wanted to call the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company without delay, but all of us both knew it would cost us extra for an after-hours call and they still would not get there until late day at the particularly least. He asked if I thought we should go to the hotel, but that would also be a waste of money. The two of us just lie there spread eagle on the bed with the fans on high, trying to go to sleep, but it wasn’t really going to happen that night. At about three in the day, I was giggling and my hubby wasn’t functioning at all. The two of us were so exhausted, all of us were getting a little loopy from lack of sleep. I finally fell to sleep only to wake up a couple of hours later. I asked him if he thought the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair crew would be working yet. He told myself and others to cook some eggs and get him some coffee. He was calling whether they were working or not. He wanted his a/c back.

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The Surge Protector Did Its Job When Big Storms Came Through Town

My spouse & I had been away for our yearly vacation when a large storm went through our area.

  • Our child called us the following day just to let us in on the details of what had happened.

They had attempted to get to our home to see if there was any injure when the thunderstorm began to spawn twisters. The 1 tornado went through our property. There were trees down everywhere & the power was expected to be out for 3 to seven days. The power was the only problem they had, however they were sad about us. Both of us were going to come home right then, however she said no because they would take care of what needed to be done. Both of us did cut short our vacation time & when every one of us got home, other than not having power, every one of us couldn’t locate any other injure. Both of us sad about there not being air conditioning system, because it was like a sauna in there. My spouse had this odd feeling that there was something more going on than loss of electricity. The meter was running, which meant every one of us had electricity coming into the house. Both of us turned on all of the lights only to find that about half of them would turn on. When she looked downstairs, the surge protection was burnt to a crisp. The surge protector was hooked to the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system, & all of the electronics. If the surge protector hadn’t done its job, our home would have caught on fire. Both of us had no Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system which meant no air conditioning system until every one of us were able to replace the whole home surge protector. Both of us went to the hardware shop & purchased a up-to-date surge protector without delay.


Getting the Wrong Number is Worse than Getting the Wrong Thermostat

When every one of us had our up-to-date Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system purchased, paid for, and put in, I distinctly told them that I wanted a Smart Thermostat to go with it.

I must have said it to the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech many times & yet when the technician left, I didn’t end up with a Smart Thermostat on my wall, then she put up a programmable temperature control which I have to admit is a bit better than the outdated digital temperature control, however it is not what I asked for.

I called the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C supplier & I was a bit aggravated about the charge for a Smart Thermostat when I didn’t get 1. The woman told myself and others to slow down & explain what happened. I went through the spiel about wanting 1 temperature control, receiving a different temperature control, however paying for the more extravagant temperature control. I wasn’t sure if she was getting the picture, so yes I was a bit aggravated. The woman repeated everything I said & she asked if she had it right. I was now getting even more aggravated & I asked if there was someone there who understood English. The woman spoke perfect English & I was sure she was a native English speaker, however she just didn’t seem to be understanding me. I was wondering if she wasn’t a bit deaf so when I answered I raised my voice. That’s when she curtly informed me she was the only 1 there & she wasn’t deaf. I asked what she could do to get this straightened out for myself and others to which she answered nothing. I was getting annoyed now & I simply asked him why not. To this she responded that I had the incorrect number. I looked down & I had dialed 1 number incorrectly which had myself and others apologizing & she was laughing so difficult she was having trouble catching her breath. lI kept the digital temperature control & called for a bill adjustment.


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It’s a good idea to go with month to month leases over staying at hotels

When my friends & I graduated from school, every one of us wanted to do something exciting & interesting for a while.

My friend Chris made the suggestion that every one of us become migrant workers for a while… I thought it was an interesting idea, especially because there are tons of tasks all over the nation! Our first task occurred while in the Corn Harvest in Iowa.

My buddies & I were there for roughly 3 months while every one of us harvested all of the crops. During that time, every one of us made the decision to stay in a lease apartment. The month to month lease apartments are typically furnished, & this location had 2 furnished bedrooms, a kitchen, & powder room. My friends & I used to stay in hotels, but it got entirely expensive undoubtedly hastily. Even though there is maid service, it’s undoubtedly overpriced to live in a hotel. My friends & I were eating at diners every night & doing our laundry at a coin laundromat… With a short-term lease, our friends & I can have all of the luxuries of being at home without any of the additional stress of moving our items. This upcoming month every one of us are going to travel up North for the sugar beet harvest. The people I was with and I already rented a furnished place with a month to month lease. The sugar beet harvest commonly lasts 2 or 3 months, so every one of us will be there for at least a few months! After the harvest is over, every one of us might stay & hang out with some buddies for a little while. The lease is fairly cheap, so every one of us can undoubtedly afford to stay for a number of months, before every one of us have to look for additional work again.

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Not built for the outdoors

My wife really wants to do a couples hiking trip.

She wants me to do a week long trip with her buddies Mark & Mel where the people I was with and I hike in the mountains and hang out in a tent.

There are several things wrong with this trip. For starters, I don’t give a damn about Mark! Mark is actually strange and slowly gets annoying. Mel is about as much fun as wheat toast! Second, I am not a hiking type of person. I don’t mind walking to sites, but I don’t want to walk in the dirt & uphill all day long. Third & most important, I don’t want to camp in the woods, why would I want to stay in a tent when I have a king sized bed at home? Why would I supply up showering when I have a shower? Why would anyone choose to pee and go number two out in the woods? The worst might be giving up weather conditions control. I care about having control over our temperature. In the morning it freezing cold. I let my gas furnace turn on for a few minutes & I am toasty warm, as the sunshine comes up, the gas furnace goes off & I might start to think about getting an air conditioner. The best is that at evening, I choose either heating or cooling to keep me a solid 69 degrees. I get to hear the Heating & A/C turn on the fans get to work. I have the perfect temperature, the perfect noise level & I get a great evening of sleep. Sleeping in a tent means no heating or air, no fan & I have to share a very petite space with our wifey who hogs covers.


Not built for the outdoors

Trying to get my friend to visit me in North Port

I am living in North Port FL and my friend Ben has been reluctant to come visit me for years.

He lives in the north and is willing to come to Florida to see me.

But here is the snag, he only wants to go in a big city. He is willing to meet me in Tampa Bay or even St. Petersburg FL. My friend is convinced that North Port is too small and has nothing to offer. Yes, the North Port businesses are not bustling with activity. But, where I live is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do. One of the main attractions in North Port is the warm mineral springs. We have a giant sinkhole that serves as a swimming hole for the public. I have heard it be called a hot spring, hot tub and even the fountain of youth. The swimming area is just gorgeous and fun fact, bones have been discovered in the area multiple times. Man, sloth and saber-tooth cat bones have all been found there. How neat is that? The water is never cold either because it is geothermally heated by an underground piping system. With geothermal heating however, the strong smell of sulfur is in the air. But, I always feel like that is what you get for a spa like experience. There is even an attached North Port spa business with the sinkhole. There is more than just that as well. There are all sorts of fun things to do like laser tag, escape rooms and a lot of cool restaurants to choose from.

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A fun fishing trip

My husband enjoys to go fishing and can go fishing for only a few hours, but I love taking trips. Because of this I try to find a good fishing destination, however the two of us have done a good amount of overseas trips where he has looked for salmon and other exotic fish. I think it is a good idea to stick close to apartment for our next trip which is why both of us are only going as far as St, however petersburg Florida. In the part around there is Skyway Fishing Pier State Park. It is a long bridge that joins with St Petersburg with Sarasota. It looks like parking is entirely cheap and easy. Also the pier is so lit up that my husband can fish all day and the lights are even said to attract weird types of fish. I have discovered that tarpon, grouper, cobia, snook, yellow snapper, Spanish and king mackerel and even some sheepshead live in this part of the world.. The park conveniently has a bait and snack shop that is open all day long and every single day of the week, my husband should be set there for a few seconds, maybe even days. I can get us a hotel by the pier and just leave him there. I am desperate to explore the several museums that St. Petersburg has to offer. I really want to get some shopping, hair and my nails done while I am there. It is the best possible trip to have some alone time while also bringing him along. It also gives me a chance to do things he would never do. There is the Florida Holocaust Museum there that I would have so much fun spending around an hour exploring.


A fun fishing trip

Things to do in St. Pete

My husband really likes to fish and can be motivated by fishing, and I enjoy taking trips, so I try to find a top notch fishing endpoint! We have done countless overseas trips where he has looked for salmon and other exotic fish.

I am starting to want to stick close to home for our next trip which is why in the world we are only going as far as St; Petersburg FL.

In the area there is Skyway Fishing Pier State Park. It is a long bridge that connects St Petersburg with Sarasota. It looks to me as if parking is pretty affordable and simple, also the pier is so lit up that our hubby can fish all day and the lights are even said to attract unusual types of fish. I learned that tarpon, grouper, cobia, snook, purple snapper, Spanish and king mackerel and sheepshead are very popular here, however the park conveniently has a bait and snack shop that is open all day long and every single day of the week. My hubby should be set there for a few seconds, perhaps even weeks long. I can get us a hotel by the pier and just leave him there. I want to explore the endless museums that St. Petersburg has to offer. I also want to get some shopping, hair and our nails done while I am there. It is a good trip to have some alone time while also bringing him along. It also gives me an occasion to do things he would take action on. There is the FL Holocaust Museum there that I want to spend at least two or three hours in.

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Trying to work at a snobby law office

All of these lawyers basically act like they are everything, but they can’t even repair the furnace or the air conditioner device

A majority of my day is filled with commercial heating and a/c device repairs… I’m not the regular commercial repair guy, but my Buddy Sandra is on a trip this week. She actually got married last week, and she just took her honeymoon. Her husband was waiting for some trip time, and now they are in a tropical island resort. I was stuck going to help all of the snooty lawyers, when they had some complications with the indoor temperatures, and the task was at a law office downtown. This place deals with personal injury, accidents, and worker compensation claims. I had to park in a garage roughly 4 blocks away from the building. It was a royal pain in the butt to lug all of my Heating and A/C device stuff across town. By the time I arrived, everyone in the building was already anxious because of the air conditioner device. No one was nice or kind in the least, and pretty much everyone gave me a dirty look. I was toiling on the complication, but I’m not a magician. When I needed to use the washroom, they made me go downstairs and use the employee restroom. I did not like all of their attitude and hostility, especially when I was there to repair something that happened to be broken. All of these lawyers basically act like they are everything, but they can’t even repair the furnace or the air conditioner device. In my book, that makes both of us equal, and just because they happen to wear a suit and tie to their place of work does not mean that their profession is any better than mine. We both deliver an expensive service to the public.



It’s not easy having a car imported

My sibling went to college immediately after high school. She didn’t even have a summer time to mess around & tour the country. She acquired early admission to a rather prestigious college & she was happy to get started. My sibling stayed in college for 8 years before she finished her degree! Now she is one of the leading engineers at her firm. My sibling has a beautiful household & a Winter time lake household over by Lake red. My sibling has a bunch of cool toys. At her house, she has a basketball court, pontoon boat, & even a few jet skis. At the lake household by the lake, there is a dozen different kayaks, fishing poles, 2 boats, & an RV. My sibling has collected a ton of things over the last 10 years, but she has not purchased the only thing that she absolutely wants. Ever since my sibling got a great task, she has been looking for her dream car. The dream automobile is a bright red R32 Skyline. My sibling has a ton of money & all kinds of toys, but she does not have the R32 Skyline… It’s incredibly challenging to purchase one of these vehicles, & they have to meet the exempt rules before they can be imported. My sibling has not found anything that meets the requirements as of yet. I know she won’t stop looking until she finds the ideal Skyline R32… Whenever she has a weekend away from her job, she uses the time to browse online JDM dealers. She has also visited all of the showrooms from here to the river. If it takes a year or several years, I know that my sibling is going to find the automobile of her dreams.


how to import a r32 skyline gtr usa