A ventilator helps with air quality all year round

Over the course of a year, I noticed some different problems with air quality in my home. The majority of these issues were related to the weather. During the winter, with the furnace running, the house becomes excessively dry and felt stuffy. It’s necessary to keep the windows sealed tight, so contaminants become trapped inside. There’s can be a great deal of dust and other particles blowing around in the air and building up on services. Although I was frequently dusting and vacuuming, the house never seemed sufficiently clean. During the summer months, the heat and humidity created sticky conditions. I worried about the condensation running down the windows and the growth of mold and mildew. I have a number of antiques in the house, and the wood is susceptible to warping from moisture. Plus, warm and moist environments encourage the dust mite population and promote bacterial growth. While running the air conditioner, there was no opportunity to open windows and welcome in some fresh air. There was the concern that the indoor air quality was posing a threat to my family’s health and affecting our comfort. When I expressed my worries to a local HVAC contractor, he immediately recommended the installation of a ventilation system. At first, I wasn’t receptive to this idea. It seemed unnecessary and a waste of money. Then, I did some research and learned that proper ventilation is vital to indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is actually more likely to be polluted than the outside environment. A ventilator brings in a continuous supply of fresh air without energy waste. It helps to combat humidity in the summer and lessen the problems with dry air in the winter. By using the warm outgoing air to preheat the fresh incoming air, the ventilation system lessens demands on the furnace. Since installation the ventilation system, I’ve benefited from lower monthly utility bills as well as a cleaner, more comfortable and fresher smelling home.
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