Another thing to address

Being a homemaker is no easy job, let me make that clear.

This is especially true when you have several youngsters running around, a pet, and a ferret.

I am always forgetting something crucial. This past summer, I forgot to clean out the drip pipe in the a/c. I’m kicking myself because I usually do it at least once a year when I clean my old heating and air conditioner plan but this year I did not get around to doing either of those important things. So my heating and a/c did not get cleaned and after that I did not properly get the pipe flushed out either. I paid the price when I was taking a load of heavy laundry down into the basement to wash. I ended up slipping and falling directly on my back in a pool of water. I had no plan where all this nasty water was coming from. I thought it might have been something that the pet did down there or maybe it came from the washing machine. After carefully picking myself up off the floor, along with the dirty laundry, I surveyed the situation and tried to figure out what happened. It was then that I discovered that all of the water had definitely come from my cooling system. It was only then that I remembered that I had forgotten to properly clean out the drip pipe this year. I hope that all of that water is not going to sit there and cause a mold problem in my walls or floors.


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