Bridal fitness training

My buddy Allie is getting married exactly a year from now. She is a total bridezilla and only wants to talk about his anniversary… Anytime us boys party it is all anniversary talk. Allie’s crucial thing is that he wants us to do something every week or every week that has to do with his anniversary. I know Allie just wants us to party and talk about how amazing he is. I am not truly cool with doing that. I found online that at a core progression gym they offer bridal fitness classes. This is where the bride and the bridal celebration can do a group fitness class together. The method is that you get your dress and then tell the personal trainer where you want to cut weight. Do you want to tone the belly, arms or legs? Do you want to go down a dress size or just look better in it? Then as the class goes on, you do checks to see how you are laboring on your goals, however by the time the anniversary rolls around, the bridal celebration should have achieved their goals and look good in the dresses. That honestly sounds prefer a lot of fun to me. It fits the requirement that it has to do with Allie and his crucial morning. But, doing a fitness class at least the other boys and I are getting something out of this. I now need all the boys to agree to pay for the class up until the anniversary. I want to do the class at least once a week.

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