Buying a new exhaust fan with a built in heater

My wife and I made some changes to our master bathroom this year. We took out the old toilet and replaced it with a water-saving solution. We replaced the old tub with a brand-new shower, faucet, and backsplash. We tore up the old linoleum floors and put down a special water-resistant tile. My wife wanted a new vanity, so I gave in and let her choose something from the online catalog. I actually loved the vanity that she picked, and it perfectly matches all of the rest of the new bathroom features. Since we painted the walls and added a new border, we decided to replace the air vent cover and the exhaust fan. The air vent cover was easy to replace. We had our choice of several different makes, models, and colors. We chose a stainless steel air vent cover that was painted with waterproof interior paint. My wife and I decided to buy an exhaust fan with a built-in heater. Since we were going to buy a new exhaust fan anyways, we decided to upgrade to something that also has a heating function. I thought it would be difficult to find the perfect item for our new bathroom, but we found a lot of exhaust fans that have a built-in heater. Surprisingly, they come in gas, electric, or even propane applications. Most choices were reasonably priced. We didn’t spend a lot of money, but now we have a much nicer exhaust fan than previously. It has a light, fan, and a heater. What more could we possibly want.


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