Coffee all down the front of the gas fireplace

I desperately want to clean my gas fireplace.

Right at the start of winter my husband spilled coffee all down the front of the heater. He likes to stand on the small ledge of the gas heater. Well, he turned and knocked the cup out of his hands. The gas heating system has a glass plate. The coffee burned all over the glass. You can’t see the faux fire anymore and the whole heater device looks filthy. Since the glass gets to be 1000 degrees when it is on, I can’t clean it. The heating system has needed to stay on since that day 24/7. I never even get an hour where I can turn it off and let it cool down. Even an hour would not be good enough though. I need a week where we won’t need heating. The heater would totally power down and be cold enough to clean by then. I could clean up the glass plate and make it shine. I could get that wood ledge really clean. I also could get inside of the heater device. I am thinking that coffee must have burned inside the heating equipment too. There is no way the glass plate totally protected it. So I will need to take the glass off and do some more intensive work. Again, with the cold and the heater on, I can’t do any of this. So I just get to wait all cold season long and endure an ugly heater. It makes our whole house look dirty and trashy. I can’t stand it.
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