Eldery population in need of furnace

The two of us watched a news story it last evening that made us think we could do more to help out our neighbors.

The News segment was highlighting single organizations that needed severe assistance during the winter months.

This was a story that touched the two of our hearts. One place interviewed was a nursing staff home with folks not fortunate to be in a situation where they could spend the holidays with their family. These news stories used as a highlighter to show us the DraStic situation. The furnace and cooling program up that facility was feeling for multiple years and the repair costs were far too much to drain the facility. This nursing place was going to absolutely have a fundraiser to make money for the New Heating and Cooling components. The two of us jotted down some information about this fundraiser and even which days they would have locations. Since the two of us job for a furnace and cooling company, the two of us wondered if there was a way to help out with our Corporation. I placed a few calls to employers around our facility and even told them that we could probably purchase and up-to-date furnace to help them Reach their goal. My boss and others were ecstatic to join the community and give something out. The job is going to be a fun way to give back to the community and the nursing home will have a brand new furnace that will work well. There is no other reason to go the distance.

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