Emergency HVAC Call Out Saved Pets’ Lives

I do pet sitting from home so it was not great when my furnace went out last winter, right during the big holiday week.

  • I had a total of 6 pets at the time.

The pet owners were all away, so it was up to me to keep these little guys warm and alive! So I moved all of the pets into the study room and put on some space heaters while I tried to find a Heating and Air Conditioning company who was still open around Christmas Day, but finally, I reached a Heating and Air Conditioning company that could come out that same day. The guy who came out was very friendly and he didn’t waste any time getting to work, and when I found out the problem with our heater, I felt kind of dumb, because it seems that our ductwork and heat pump had gotten full of pet hair plus made the parts get stuck. The guy said that regular repair could have prevented this from happening. The whole repair cost quite a bit of cash however it came with a free 1 year repair plan, then after that, I need to pay for them to come out regularly to clean plus service the ducts and the rest of the Heating and Air Conditioning system. I will absolutely keep on top of getting this done regularly from now on. I am not about to have to call another workman on Christmas! But at least I can keep all of the furry creature warm now.

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