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My sibling is absolutely gifted in several areas, but he has always been super shy. I used to have to drag him sites just to introduce him to modern people. He always had trouble socially, and that is a single reason that he did not go to college when he graduated high college. He is absolutely hands on, and he can repair just about anything, so I thought that he should go to trade college. I had a long conversation with him about it, but he was not interested in going. He is the most gifted in the section of Heating and A/C work. He has always been able to figure out how to repair our heating and problems. One time, our air conditioner broke in our room, and he tore the entire thing apart and rebuilt it. It still works to this morning some fifteen years later, then after fixing countless oil furnaces for friends and family, he finally decided to try going to college to learn Heating and A/C worker. I am so proud of him because he stuck with it even through the taxing times, and now he has a lovely work in the Heating and A/C industry. I never thought that he would absolutely go to college, but he did. The bonus of having a sibling that knows so much about Heating and A/C is that he fixes our heating and problems for free. My air conditioner stopped blowing cool air a couple of weeks ago, so I called our sibling. He was over as soon as he got out of work, and he knew exactly what the complication was. I am so thankful for his help. He fixed our air conditioner the following morning, and now we have the coolest that we have ever had.

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