Having Clean Air Ducts Can Lead to Cleaner Homes

I have is a nonsensical and irrational feeling that comes over myself and others when I venture up into the attic.

I really don’t care for it up there at all.

Perhaps, I got trapped in an attic when I was a small child. I am nor sure. But, I do think that I want to get out of there as fast as humanly possible. First and foremost, it’s always either way too freezing or way too hot up in the attic. Then I see all that insulation and the HVAC HVAC duct crammed into that small space and it makes me want to freak out. Again, a totally odd reaction to an attic of all things. However, when I get up there and I see the HVAC ducts, it reminds myself and others to schedule for the HVAC ducts to be cleaned. For most of my life, I didn’t even think that HVAC ducts should be cleaned. But, I learned the tough way that they sure do. I once found mice droppings coming out from one of our air vents. I nearly tossed my cookies right there on the carpet. However, I called an exterminator instead. He was the one who hipped myself and others to the fact that the HVAC ducts, vents, and joints had gapped which is how the mice got access to the vents. He inspected the mice problem and sealed up the spot in the attic that they got into the house. However, I still had these jacked up HVAC ducts. I called the HVAC supplier that the people I was with and I use and pleaded with them for help. They set us up with a supplier who only cleans HVAC ducts. After that initial cleaning, the air stinked so wonderful that I decided to do it at least once per year. The beach house just feels a whole lot cleaner now.

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