Heat pump is great but not all that powerful

The house I bought down south came with a heat pump system.

The heat pump is connected to ductwork that provides whole home temperature control.

This HVAC system is said to be super efficient and great with saving money. For one it is a two for one system. Both heating and air in a single unit saves a lot in repairs and maintenance fees. Next, the way the heat pump provides climate control is efficient. It uses already heated outdoor air and pushes it inside for heating. In the summer the heat energy indoors is pulled outdoors to create a cooling effect. Using the existing air saves so much energy and is better for the air quality. Finally a heat pump is said to not need much for repairs and service. I never have called a HVAC contractor for service before. Even with all this though, I want a new system. Since the heat pump moves heat energy, it is only good in weather that does not get below forty degrees. Every now and then my area gets a cold front. The outdoor air is too cold to have any heat energy. I then just freeze to death in my house. During the summer it sometimes is so hot that the heat pump is not strong enough for the cooling effect. I love my little system, but it just is not hardocre enough for me. Ideally I would love to get a heated flooring and high velocity air conditioning. But that would be quite an expense for climate control.


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