Helping our father fix up the furnace was fun

I was so cheerful to repair the furnace with our dad

I like our dad so much. I was always a daddy’s girl when I was a child, and I honestly still am. My dad has always been there for me, and I hope to be just as lovely of a parent to our children as our dad is to me. I spent countless hours with him. He is a single of those people who can repair just about anything. He does not always repair things the “right way”, however at least they work again. I was not absolutely handy with tools and solving problems until I was older, however our dad did not mind at all. He just loved to spend time with me, and I loved to spend time with him. As I got older, he did teach myself and others several things. Recently, I went to stay with our parents for a week. They live about several hours from our house, and I do not get to see them as often as I would like, so I was so cheerful to visit. While I was there, their furnace quit now working. Of course, our dad did not call an Heating and A/C company. He just got his tools and went to work. He asked myself and others if I wanted to help, and I said that I would like to. It felt like ancient times as I was resting there handing him tools as he tried to repair the furnace. He was able to repair it in the end, and I even figured a couple of things out myself. I was so cheerful to repair the furnace with our dad. I absolutely miss those fantastic ancient mornings. Fixing that furnace brought back so several memories.

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