Hoping to replace gas heating system with a ductless mini-split

To heat my family room, I have a small, ventless gas heater, and although it provides plenty of heat, I’m not overly glad with it.

The heating system is fairly compact however still takes up space that I’d appreciate to use for more cupboards.

I don’t undoubtedly appreciate the look of the heating system as well as it requires constant repair. There are 2 separate air filters that continually clog with dust. When the air filters become dirty, a red light flashes as well as the heating system refuses to shut off. It blasts non stop at maximum capacity. I worry that it will overheat as well as become a safety risk. Since the heating system runs on natural gas, there’s always the problem over carbon monoxide. Although it is a ventless heater, I notice a reside from the burning of natural gas on my windows. It creates an oily buildup on the glass. I have French doors that lead into the family room, with 16 small panes of glass, as well as cleaning them is a long as well as labor-intensive project. Because of the gas heater, I need to scrub them every week. The ventless gas heating system is a single-phase model, which means that it only offers 2 options for operation. It either runs at full capacity or shuts down entirely. When the room temperature drops below the temperature control setting, the heating system automatically starts up. It runs for as long as necessary as well as then shuts down. The repeated cycling is aggravating as well as creates uncomfortable temperature swings. We’re either getting hit by hot or freezing cold air, then my goal is to replace the ventless heating system with a ductless mini-split. The ductless component would install up high on an exterior wall, where it would be less obtrusive. Because the system runs on electricity, there would be none of the problems acquaintanced with natural gas, and plus, current ductless heat pumps feature inverter technology, which allows the system to adjust speed somewhere between 40 as well as 100% capacity.This provides superior energy efficiency as well as more even comfort.


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