How to prepare an recreational vehicle for frigid weather

Preparing your abode for Winter time is no simple job no matter what up-to-date home or climate you live in, however if you live in an RV in the North, then your job is going to be much more strenuous than other’s job! With most houses, your furnace will cover up a multitude of sins.

If your up-to-date home is drafty or poorly constructed, your furnace can run enough to make sure that you stay warm even if the furnace is not working efficiently.

However, if you live in an RV full-time as I do, then your furnace and abode were never intended for full-time living! That means when you have to face winter, you are going to have to improvise to stay warm. Actually, you stay comfortable in the Winter time has truly little to do with your furnace and a whole lot to do with the rest of your house, however first of all, if you method on living in an RV during the winter, you should invest in a space heating system for your home. If you are staying at a campground, then you are not paying for electricity; Using that space heating system will be free, which using a furnace will mean that you are going to burn through propane hastily if that is your only source of heat. However, there are other things that you need to do to stay warm. It is especially crucial that you insulate the underside of your RV and you cover your windows, but your furnace is small and your RV poorly insulated, so you need to prepare to keep heat wherever you can. Also, you should trickle your water and heat your water lines for further protection.

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