I can understand that this sounds weird, but I get messages from our smart temperature control device occasionally, however I have a smart temperature control that is connected via bluetooth to this heating as well as cooling app on our smartphone as well as I enjoy it. Ever since the time that I got the new smart temperature control, I’ve been getting all kinds of alerts on my phone. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C app gives me alerts when it is time to change the furnace filters or our air conditioning filter every time they get dirty as well as stop filtering air regularly, however since I usually forget to change our air filters, this reminder is what I would call the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sure that I’ve saved a ton of money on my heating and cooling bills since getting the new temperature control. I really enjoy the way it gives me alerts on the outside temperatures along with the inside temperature of our house, too. That way, I’ll decide whether or not I need to adjust the furnace or the undefined in the house even if I'm not at home. The smartphone Heating, Ventilation and A/C app even lets me find out if there are any other concerns going on with the heating as well as cooling system. If it’s time to have our furnace or our undefined diagnosed, then it lets me know. I prefer feeling like I’m on top of things with the heating and cooling system at our house now. I believe that the smart temperature control was clearly the way to go when I decided to replace our seasoned temperature control unit! If you see me looking at our phone, it’s legitimately because I’m adjusting the temperature control remotely.

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