I Can’t Believe My Parents Actually Listened to My HVAC Suggestion

Will I ever get taken seriously in this house? I don’t think if that is because I keep to myself or whether my rare opinion hits deaf ears.

One way or the other, I live here with my parents and they sort of ignore me.

I get it. They have actually difficult jobs with lots of stress and actually only a little time off. They always look quite weary when they get home. I don’t dare approach them when they are laying there with their feet up, silently taking in the HVAC comforts in our home. My life is sort of a go along to get along life. This doesn’t bother myself and others all that much when I consider that I will be headed off to school in just a few short years. I have an older brother who informed myself and others that is honestly when my life will assume care about my own. Boy, I hope that he isn’t joking. However, something different happened not too long ago. My folks were caught up in a bit of a heated discussion over the household finances. They honestly weren’t getting aggravated with one another but more just exasperated about biweekly costs. I heard them state that they were honestly weary of paying so much to cool the beach house during the summer months. They felt care about they were paying a luck to cool a beach house they were only inside long enough to eat and sleep. Weekends they were out and about doing things too. I quietly suggested that they could install a smart temperature control and briefly explained the fiscal advantages of having one of them. They were sort of stunned silent. And then, in unison, they got up and hugged me. I have to say that I was a bit stunned silent as well.

a/c rep