I hope I can get your help with choosing custom furniture for this dollhouse

I am desperately looking for some advice on our cozy dollhouse type residence.

I have been decorating our cozy dollhouse for numerous months now—painting, flooring, doors, etc.

I have finally reached the point where I am ready to add some custom furniture to the residence (yay!). There have been a bunch of custom furniture stores that have caught my eye and they all have fantastic options for the cozy dollhouse style. I have been rather close to this project the whole time. I’m afraid my mind is actually beginning to reject everything I try to decorate it with because I’ve gotten used to the residence being completely empty. So, I need your help with this thing! I am stuck between the idea of using wooden chairs or leather chairs. I suppose that might seem like nothing too serious, but it’s an important decision for us. Leather chairs will supply the residence with a particular robustness that I’m not entirely sure I want, but the wooden chairs will make the residence seem rustic which I don’t know if that’s a good idea either. I suppose I don’t want to supply the cozy dollhouse with any sort of current look (custom plastic furniture, colorless cloth custom furniture, clear furniture, etc.) Although I don’t know for certain if wooden chairs make the residence look too rustic and/or if the leather chairs make the residence look too stuffy. Should I go with another choice altogether for the custom furniture? Is there something I’m overlooking with this project? Should I simply go with wooden chairs? Should I choose leather chairs? Should I include both leather and wooden chairs? I just don’t know which way to go. Thanks in advance for your help! Let myself and others know about your custom furniture preferences for a cozy dollhouse type residence below!

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