I know that this sounds weird, but I get messages from my smart thermostat unit sometimes. I have a smart thermostat that is hooked up to this heating and cooling app on my smartphone and I love it. Ever since I got the new smart thermostat, I’ve been getting all kinds of alerts on my phone. The HVAC app gives me alerts when it is time to change my furnace filters or my air conditioning filter every time they get dirty and stop filtering air correctly. Since I usually forget to change my air filters, this reminder is literally like the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sure that I’ve saved a ton of money on my heating and cooling bills since getting the new thermostat. I love the way it gives me alerts on the outside temperatures and inside temperature of my house, too. That way, I’ll know whether or not I need to adjust the furnace or the A/C in the house even if i’m not at home. The smartphone HVAC app also lets me know if there are any other problems going on with the heating and cooling system. If it’s time to have my furnace or my A/C serviced, then it lets me know. I like feeling like I’m on top of things with the heating and cooling system at my house now. I think that the smart thermostat was definitely the way to go when I decided to replace my old thermostat unit! If you see me looking at my phone, it’s probably because I’m adjusting my thermostat remotely.

I never have to worry about my filters

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