I love to help others

I am always forgetting to tightly close the door to my screened-in porch, this means that pets are almost always getting in! However, I was surprised to find sparrows making a nest on my BBQ recently, I mean, it is early in the year for nesting but soon, there were 4 bald little baby birds right out there, nesting on the BBQ.

Then the news said that a blizzard was about to hit us hard.

It is late in the season for blizzards and I was ultra distraught that the baby birds could perish in the snow, after doing a little bit of online research I discovered that some people use overhead heat lamps to keep their chickens alive in the snow. I do not have a heat lamp however I do have a spare radiant area heater. I decided to set up the area furnace on my little screened-in porch and hope that it would do the job in the same way that the heat lamps job for the chickens. The next morning when everything outside was covered in snow. I immediately went over to check on the baby birds and found that they were healthy and alive. The radiant area furnace had worked appealingly. I was feeling absolutely blissful and so were the sparrow parents. I ended up leaving the radiant area heater outside for a few weeks until the snow melted entirely and Spring came back! With time, the baby birds grew thick feathers and started getting rather cute. I think I will miss them when they fly away.


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