I thought it would be miserable

My buddy, Lenny, works as a mechanic and he has been badgering myself and others to apply to job with him. The shop is hiring and Lenny says the people I was with and I could have a lot of fun finally working together. Despite what Lenny said, I have not really given much thought to applying to the mechanic shop. I honestly can’t sit the thought of finally working without heating or air-conditioning in place. I like cars and I would like to be able to job with Lenny however I hate being too hot or too cold. That’s why I am constantly looking for a job that has heating and air conditioner in place. I did not say this out right to Lenny and I think he just started assuming I did not want to job with him so Lenny stopped asking myself and others to apply. But last month I went to get Lenny from his job so that the people I was with and I could go to the local mall together. While I was waiting for his shift to end, I was sitting outside of the auto shop when I felt moderate air coming from the mechanic’s bay. I was beyond surprised to notice that the bay was heated. I asked Lenny to provide myself and others a tour of his job and found it to be absolutely nice and moderate inside where he worked even though the large bay doors stay open all of the time. Lenny explained that they have a really strong furnace! Now that I recognize that the mechanic shop has adequate weather conditions control, I would entirely love to have a job here with Lenny.
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