I was trying to listen to them

My grandpa used to think I was the best in the whole family. This was until I went to school to be a Heating and A/C dealer, and I also wanted to be able to design and build specialty Heating and A/C equipment for homes and companies.  I had all the knowledge I needed to begin finally and really working for myself and now working with automation systems. After graduation, I was looking into some classes for forming my own business and our dad and I were talking in the dining room one day.  Grandpa came in to ask him about work and when he saw me, he walked out of the room right away. When I began to go after him, dad made myself totally sit back down. He said that Grandpa had to decide for himself why he should accept the work decision I selected in my life.  It saddened myself and others in my household to see our Grandpa shunning me in this very way because I wanted to be in the family business. At first, all I wanted to do was to emulate dad and Grandpa and be a Heating and A/C repairman. I realized the importance of the hastily increasing face of the Heating and A/C business and I knew that I wanted more than a repairman status under my belt.  I sat there talking to dad when I saw him look toward the doorway. My Grandpa had been standing there the whole time listening to us talk. I think and I hope he would change his mind on his feelings about what I wanted to do.

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