I will fight for my lady

It stuns me how ridiculous people can be.

  • I often wonder if they are simply rude or just totally oblivious to the feelings of others at times.

Just last week, my really pregnant wifey as well as I are slowly pulling into to a parking spot at the grocery store. We were just parking in the spot marked for pregnant moms when this red car whipped in ahead of me. It was a guy in a pricey car, without a pregnancy in sight. I parked elsewhere. However,I gave this guy a nice piece of my mind. He tried to ignore me so, instead I just turned up the volume as well as made a complete scene right then and there. My wifey just didn’t even blush. All she wanted was to not walk and to suck up the cool, cool Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C in the store. The pregnancy has not been a real simple ride. Our first baby was really right on time as well as limited in discomfort. This second child has been a real pain. I just hurt for my wifey. She has to sit around at the beach apartment now. This is such a bummer for her. She hates always having to be around. Plus, it’s summer time as well as the heat is killer in our home. But, I have been able to help her a bit. I had a smart temperature control unit installed recently. That thing is amazing in the way it is able to learn your family’s habits as well as then adjust the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C accordingly without any effort. However, the greatest plus is the app that goes on our iPhones. With the new app, my wifey can adjust the temperature without having to waddle out of the bed.


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