I wish that I could get rid of modern luxuries like HVAC

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in the world that we live in? I read books and watch movies, and I really wish that I could live in the good old days.

For thousands of years, everybody lived the same way.

It was definitely a more natural way to live. Now, we are trapped by the conveniences that force us to live their way. Air conditioners and furnaces are the same way. For thousands of years, people used fireplaces and burning wood to keep their families warm. They chopped wood, hauled wood, kindled fire, and did everything that they could to make their heating system work. Furnaces are not as ambient and active as that. Now, we can waste all of our time doing things that don’t matter. Air conditioners are even worse. People used to be able to work all day and be comfortable in the heat. It would encourage a lot of outdoor activity. Air conditioners make your house cool, and you enjoy the comfort of the cool air. However, now, when you try to leave a room that has an air conditioner in it, you feel the oppressive feeling of the heat outside. Air conditioners have forced you to stay inside and not enjoy nature. Honestly, that is the whole issue with HVAC units. Since HVAC units force you to stay inside to remain comfortable, we have learned how to stay away from nature. It has made us weaker and lazier. However, I don’t see how any of us can escape the HVAC world that we live in today.

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