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I prefer learning current things plus bettering myself.

Often, I have l earned that the best way to learn something complicated is through the pressure of a problem.

People have l earned how to craft weapons, build huts, make fires, plus other things from being stranded in the wilderness. Within women is the ability to learn how to survive at all costs. When our furnace broke in the middle of Winter in our RV, I had to learn how to survive the rest of the month without heat, and since our furnace was broken, I first had to learn how to thaw out frozen pipes. Through a series of turning on the water in unusual areas of the house, I found where the pipes were frozen, plus I heated some water in an electric kettle. I poured the warm water over the pipes to thaw it out. I also l earned how to survive without a furnace by providing emergency heating! First, I bought a ton of space heaters, plus I also used our propane stove as a makeshift furnace. Also, when you bake stuff in the oven, it heats up the living room, so I did a lot of baking. Finally, when our bills started getting more expensive, I decided to purchase a wood stove for our RV. I cut down wood, throw it in the wood stove, plus kindle fire to heat our entire house. Without a thermostat, I had to learn how to regulate the temperature throw control of the amount of oxygen in the wood stove. Technology is nice, but survival is a great second option!


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