My father-in-law is a truck accident attorney for the most part

My wife’s dad has been an attorney for longer than either of us have been alive.

It was his dream leaving college to become a constitutional law professor someday.

He figured that he’d get tired of handling trials and tough cases after so many years that the only thing he’d want to do by the time he hit 40 was become a full fledged law school professor. By contrast, his life played out a lot differently. Not only did he love the two firms he worked at over the past 30 years, but his success guaranteed that he could open his own firm and start hiring partners to take on more cases. Although he handled estate law for many years, right now he is one of the leading experts on truck accidents and injuries for the entire state of Michigan. There are many personal injury attorneys here in St. Clair Shores, but there are few who have handled as many truck accident cases as my father-in-law. Unfortunately many of these cases involve many different parties, especially if a driver for a company injures a random person from the public. You get into a weird insurance liability situation where the victim is entitled to an insurance payout while the truck driver might have a workplace accident case to file against their own employer. It’s no secret that many accidents involving trucks are precipitated by drivers being forced to stay awake for days at a time just to meet a delivery quota. It creates a dangerous environment for everyone involved. Navigating this complicated playing field is something that my father-in-law does best. Although he may still become a law professor some day, for now he’s happy being a personal injury attorney.
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