My father taught me everything that he knows about HVAC units

My father was one of the best fathers that a kid could have.

I am not saying that because he was my father, but rather because he was willing to spend a ton of time with me showing me things that I would need to know in the future.

I never saw him become angry, and he always talked with us children about things that mattered and what upset us. One of the greatest skills that he taught me was how to work on HVAC units. Though he knew how to do a lot of things, including mechanics, carpentry, electrical, etc., his best skill was HVAC, because his career was in the HVAC field. As a kid, he would always ask me to help him or watch him as he fixed our personal HVAC equipment. As I became old enough to work, he hired me in his HVAC company to work part-time after work. Though I would have preferred to spend all of my time with my friends, I am glad that I spent my time learning the HVAC field. When I graduated, I decided not to enter the HVAC field like my dad, but instead, I pursued a degree in engineering. My dad was not disappointed with my decision. He taught me how to fix my own HVAC equipment, among many other things, not as a way to manipulate my future, but to help me. I would not have to spend thousands of dollars to pay an HVAC worker to fix our equipment, because I knew how to myself. I am glad that an HVAC technician like my father would provide me with the knowledge and experience that I would need for the rest of my life.

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