Never can get a HVAC company to come to my home

They say that once a year you should get a HVAC tune up.

The HVAC contractor comes in and checks out the inner workings of the HVAC.

He will oil, lubricate and clean anything that needs it. Parts that are worn get replaced and the HVAC should work better than ever. I have heard all the benefits of regular HVAC service, and I am down for it. I have tried multiple times to get HVAC service and even had a HVAC repair once. My house has never had a HVAC contractor step foot inside. Once a year I get on the phone and call a bunch of HVAC companies. I attempt to get my yearly HVAC tune up and never have success. Some businesses say they are too busy and put me on a waiting list. They say they will call me back once there is an opening. I have never heard back from a HVAC business though. Some places just tell me they are too busy. I had one HVAC provider that gave me a date and time, but never showed up. That is the closest I have gotten. The one time I had a HVAC repair I was worried. I tried and tried to get a HVAC professional in. I got the waiting list speech and had to deduce the issue on my own. Through online videos and heavy googling I replaced my own worn part. Thankfully I am handy or I would be out HVAC equipment. I wonder if the HVAC companies would not even come to my home to do a HVAC installation.

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