Our occupant is jacking up the monthly bills

The two of us having several different rental properties in the neighborhood.

The two of us started investing in rental properties because we knew it would help our future. The two of us decided to buy a huge double loft and rent most of the place to another person. The two of us have to see that occupant on each day to day basis and everyone of us knows their plans. Some loud crashes make the two of us feel that a person could be injured. During the first time that our home was purchased, the two of us new spending our mortgage money would it be a problem. The two of us purchased a large duplex so we could have an occupant on one side and the two of us on the other side. Since the whole building was a single dwelling, the heating costs became a serious problem. The two of us tried to renovate the property but each of the spaces could no longer be controlled by our thermostat. The first occupant realize they would have very little control over their temperatures and did not want to live in that place any longer. The two of us knew that we would have to do something about the heating, ventilation, and cooling company if we were to work on these same programs. The roommate told everyone of us that she would prefer temperatures in the 70s, because freezing Winters were not her favorite thing. Since we decided to install a separate thermostat on that side of the house, our tenant can choose any comfortable temperature.

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