Playground construction was worth every penny

For years our elementary school playground has been a mess.

Half of the swings are broken or just about to fall down.

The slide had big chips missing out of it that hurt the kids’ butts when they slid down. I also think there was termite damage and mold in the wooden surround on the sandbox. On the underside of most of the playground equipment was horrible sayings in spray paint. The school board wasn’t doing anything as far as fundraising for a new playground. I got a couple of parents together, got some help from local businesses and then our local construction company gave us a deal on our playground construction. It took almost a year of working towards it, but now the kids have great equipment to play on. All the swings are brand new and safe. There are multiple slides, rope bridges, monkey bars and a rope wall for the kids to climb on. The whole playground is clean, brand new and without any harmful sayings on it. Paying for playground construction is worth it. The kids are happy and the parents are happy about the new equipment. It was so nice that the construction and remodeling business gave us a break on cost too. They even threw in a few extra pieces of equipment for the kids. After everything was doen and the kids played on the brand new set, I sent pictures of them to the construction crew. They needed to know their hard work made a huge difference in our town.


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