Playing Basketball with Friends Makes Me Need A/C

Growing up, 1 I loved to play basketball.

I competed on a team in high university plus loved possibilities to play with buddies in university as well.

I was so excited this summer time to be able to play with a few of my buddies this one day. What I did not realize, though, was moving to a warmer climate meant we shouldn’t be playing outside. When I disconnected my smartwatch to start dribbling, I guess the temperature was 95 degrees. I provided it my all while I was dribbling down the court. I was diving on the ground love I hadn’t since I was much younger. The team I was on won was making baskets like crazy, plus I felt love I was in my prime of basketball play again. I did not realize just how sizzling I was getting until I started to feel lightheaded like I was going to fall down. I quickly found my water bottle, although I knew I needed to get cooler faster than that. I was entirely over-heated, plus I was competing more than I should have been for a scrimmage with some buddies. Luckily, I ran inside to my friend’s brownstone, plus almost immediately felt less sick standing in the air conditioning system. I did not realize until I sat down, just how heated up my body thermostat had gotten, plus how much I was sweating a clammy kind of sweat. The air conditioner felt so nice, plus my body felt so much cooler getting the air conditioning system plus supplementing with a sports drink. I am so ecstatic that I thought about getting into an air conditioning system plus did not wait too long to seek out help from my friend’s mom in her brownstone. Things could have been much worse had I not had been aware enough to seek out an air conditioning system in the moment I was boiling.

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