Proper heating systems for effective weight loss

Did you know that your heating system can be your best friend when it comes to weight loss? I used to be incredibly overweight, and I had no goal in sight.

I was working out as hard as I could without destroying my body, and I was eating properly.

I was getting results, but I was not getting them as quickly as I wanted to. However, my buddy showed me a useful trick while losing weight that involves the thermostat and your heating system. While I was working out, I used to always keep the air conditioner on. I didn’t like warm temperatures, and I figured that if I was comfortable while working out, I would be more likely to stick with it. However, it would take me so long to start sweating and get a good workout. My buddy told me that if I were to turn my heating system up, I would start sweating a lot faster than I used to. The hotter the room is, the more your body will work to sweat so that it can regulate your body temperatures. Right before I started my next workout, I walked over to my thermostat, and I adjusted the thermostat to the highest temperature possible. I had never sweat like that during a workout in my life! However, my wife was not happy that the entire house was at 90 degrees, so I had to purchase a space heater for my workout room. With this space heater, I can keep the hot temperatures in my workout room while the rest of my family is comfortable.


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