Setting the AC lower than most people like

I’ve constantly pondered why men plus women seem comfortable at very different temperatures. In other words, why do men want the air conditioning component set cool, while women reach for their hoodies? After looking up the question, I discovered that there are many explanations. One reason is that women have a lower metabolic rate than guys. Our metabolic rate is in control of, among other things, body heat production. Additionally, men generally have more muscle mass than women, which can also account for body heat production. But then who gets to control the control component – at the job plus at home? At work, hands down, the air conditioning component settings are controlled by the guys. It turns out that engineers who design shared office space use building code standards that take the metabolic rates of males into account. That’s not to say that female workers take the freezing cold temperatures sitting down, so to speak. Many hidden video cameras at numerous office sites have captured both male plus female offenders decreasing and increasing the control component settings – up to 15 times a day. Other guerilla tactics in the air conditioning component battles include fitting cardboard over air vents, constant complaints to facilities supervisors, plus fiddling with locked control units. But once the battle moves to the condo front, it’s a very different matter. Home is where women win when it comes to temperature settings, primarily at evening. But men assert that when it comes to the sleeping arrangement, the lady should bundle up with more warm blankets so that he can sleep comfortably with the air conditioning component set at a colder temperature. The bottom line is that for men plus women with definitive differences in temperature preferences, the control component may constantly be a battlefield.

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