That was a burden

When I go camping, I go to escape the burdens and responsibilities of life.

In my opinion, camping is easily living.

Before current technology and the conveniences, people l received how to survive and thrive off of the land that was given to them. However, when the “good things in life” were developed, we lost our prefer for nature. That is why I care about camping. It is almost like returning to a lost world. However, I do wish that I had an a/c in my camper. When I obtained my camper, it was used, and I was told that it had no a/c at all. I figured that the older generations had no a/cs, so if I easily wanted to care about nature to the fullest, I would have to learn to live without air conditioning. That was absolutely a mistake! Older generations did not live in a metal death-trap that acted as a furnace at the slightest hint of sunshine, and campers are not convenient without an a/c because it makes it so much hotter than the outside. Though that makes you want to spend more time outside, if it is raining, you have no choice. I looked into the prices of a/cs that are made for campers, and the prices are outrageous! However, I don’t think I am going to have a choice. Maybe if I call the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer in my area, they could figure out how to service my a/c! I am sure that camping won’t be entirely fun without an a/c. Maybe some technology is useful after all.



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