The furnace system just won’t die

I can’t believe my gas furnace still works.

  • I have been waiting for my gas heating system to die for 3 years now.

They say a furnace can live 10-15 years. It has been 18 years now and the heater system is still going. I have never paid for heating maintenance, repairs or service. The furnace gets a new air filter once a month and once a year me cleaning it. That is all the care it has gotten. Even with this, the furnace still provides heating quite reliably. Every now and then the heater makes me beg for it though. Sometimes it will refuse to turn on and I need to mess with it. It gets the vacuum hose shoved up inside of it and my husband tinkering inside of it. Nothing has ever been too difficult that we have needed to give up though. My husband and I agree that as long as the heater turns on and provides heating, we can’t replace it. I can’t wait for the day the furnace is done for. I have wanted heated flooring for as long as I can remember. My carpets have been shot for years now. I can’t wait to rip up the floors and get the electric heated flooring installed underneath. But, first I need the furnace to die. The heating system has been making loud screeching sounds for over a year. Isn’t that supposed to mean it is on its last life? I swear my furnace system is going to outlive me it is so tough.


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