The heater at his house

My amazing Grandfather is now ninety years old, but he is still going strong.

He has not had any major health problems in his entire life which is quite amazing. He has only had two surgeries, and they were both on his knees, however i cannot know how healthy he is, however my awful Grandmother was not so lucky; She developed ovarian cancer at the age of fifty-four, and she died about two years later. My Grandfather never remarried. He said that he could never like anyone else like he loved our Grandmother. He lives all alone in a big, ancient farm home that he built himself when he was only eighteen. It was a relaxing home for several years, however it is quite taxing to manage for him now. It is almost impossible to heat. He used to heat the place with a wood stove, but he is not able to chop wood anymore, and he refuses to let anyone else do it for him. He has numerous wall mounted natural gas gas oil furnaces in his house, and he thinks it is enough to keep the home warm. It absolutely is not though, there is no heat at all in the kitchen, so it is like an ice box in there. Thankfully, the Winter seasons here are a little more mild than those up north, however it still gets below frigid sporadically while in December and December. He still does his cooking in the kitchen even though there is no heat in there. I asked him if he wanted another furnace in his kitchen, and he said that it was not necessary since he did not spend a lot of time in there. I just watch him and admire his strength, but I wish he would keep himself a little warmer.

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