The ice cream shop had a broken air conditioner

It was a hot summer day, and we were relaxing in our house with the air conditioner on. It was one of those hot days where it feels like it is impossible to get comfortable outside. Even with your air conditioner running, your house is still a lot warmer than it usually is. However, my husband began to get antsy, wishing that we could just go outside and do something. I told him that there was no air conditioner outside, but he said that we could go somewhere with an air conditioner. He just wanted to be out of this house as soon as possible. I agreed to his conditioners, and we decided to go to an ice cream shop. The ice cream shop in our town was a sit-down ice cream shop, which means you have both a cold snack and an air conditioner. That didn’t seem to be the case today though. When we arrived at the ice cream shop, we could tell that it was a little warmer than usual. Usually, the air conditioner is running on the highest setting, meaning that the ice cream shop is too cold for comfort without a jacket, even in the middle of summer. However, today, it felt pretty warm. I asked the manager what had happened, and he told me a sad story. During the hottest day of the summer, the air conditioner in the ice cream shop wasn’t working. There was no HVAC technician available to fix it, and it was getting warmer by the second. I could see the ice cream in the pales beginning to melt a little bit, and every customer had ice cream running down their arms. The air conditioner would have prevented all of that.

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