The internet was invented a long time ago

Ever since the internet was invented, it seems like people believe that they can read a few pages of information and automatically become experts.

My doctor always asks if I have been googling my health, when I think I know more than him.

While the internet has definitely been a great piece of technology, it’s made my job more difficult with each day that passes. Last weekend, I was working on an HVAC installation job. I would consider myself an HVAC expert, not that I’m bragging or being conceited. I’ve been working as an HVAC installation expert for most of my life. I started in the industry, fresh outta high school. I spent several years working on repair calls, and I was eventually promoted to the HVAC installation crew. A few years ago, I was promoted to read installation crew chief. I know a thing or two about furnace, air conditioners, and heat pump installations. Still, a customer try to argue with me last weekend, when we were installing a gas furnace. The customer was in and out of the basement five or six times, asking questions on every single trip. He certainly made the job longer than it needed to be, and his incessant question asking cost us an extra hour. When the furnace installation was finally complete, the customer questioned my procedures. I tried to explain the installation process in easy terms, but he insisted that he knew something that I didn’t. I had to remind the customer that I was an HVAC expert, and he was not. He filed a complaint to the corporate office, but I just had enough that day.
Air conditioner tune-up

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