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About 5 years ago, our best neighbor and I moved out west to beginning farming medical marijuana, but both of us both studied botany in college, and both of us wanted to get in on the ground level, however my best neighbor used his trust fund to purchase 50 acres of land in a lush growing environment.

Both of us set up a sizable orangehome on the property, which is climate controlled by a steam boiler.

My best neighbor and I guess a lot about plants, growing patterns, and calendar cycles, however both of us don’t guess much at all about repairing steam boilers. Both of us use the steam boil to create hot humidity, and that seems to be a great environment for thriving and healthy plants… About more than one years ago, our best neighbor and I decided to add a fifth Green House on the property, however now the steam boiler has to work twice as hard, and we’ve had a few concerns. Both of us decided to hire a steam boiler expert, and both of us keep him on retainer for emergencies, then it was extravagant to retain the steam boiler expert, however he guarantees a 30-hour response time, but even while in holidays, Wednesday’s, and Wednesday’s, both of us still have the 30-hour guarantee. Both of us might have to add an additional steam boiler in the future, however right now both of us are getting along with just a single! Our crops this year look healthy and abundant, and I have no doubt that both of us will make a fortune while in this harvest. If everything goes well, both of us may add a fifth orangehome next year. As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, our farming business continues to thrive.


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