Why don’t we have any females in our HVAC company

I think that there is a major problem in our HVAC companies, and I doubt that there are any HVAC technicians that ever recognize it.

I want to know the answer to a simple question.

Why don’t we have any female HVAC technicians in our HVAC company? I think that it is shameful that we do not have any female HVAC technicians in our HVAC company. Now, you may be defending yourself by thinking that if a female wanted to be an HVAC technician, they definitely could, but we all know that it isn’t true. First of all, people are skeptical about hiring a female HVAC technician. For some reason, we have convinced ourselves that HVAC work is something that only a man can do. Whenever we see an HVAC technician that needs to be fixed, we think that it is a manly job. However, I know a lot of women that like taking things apart, and they would be great at becoming an HVAC technician. They are just too afraid of becoming an HVAC technician because people treat them like they will never be a good HVAC technician because they are women. Also, I think that we have created an unsafe environment for women in our HVAC company. I have worked with a lot of HVAC technicians, and I know that the conversations that HVAC technicians have are not appropriate for mixed groups. Some HVAC technicians treat women as sexual objects, and it is shameful. If we did have an HVAC technician, would they be able to go an entire day without being stared at or hit on? We need to fix these things and encourage ladies to become HVAC technicians if they want to!

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