Window AC fell and ruined my new floor

I recently redid my entire kitchen.

I got all new appliances, countertops and new flooring. The kitchen looked beautiful for about a week, and then I destroyed it. After spending all that money on the kitchen, I did not want to spend another dime. Unfortunately, the kitchen needed cooling. I should have called in a HVAC business to connect ductwork to my central air conditioner and have the air ducts extend into my new kitchen. I cheaped out on this though. Instead I decided to just get two window air conditioners and leave them in the windows during the summer. The window air conditioners were not the right size, a little overweight and looked terrible. They were cheap and I thought that they would get the cooling job done. The day I installed the cooling units I went to the hardware store to to pick up some new knobs for my kitchen cupboards. It was literally the last touch on my new kitchen. When I returned, I noticed one of my window AC units had fallen in my absence. Not only was the AC system is pieces and no longer functional, the new flooring was damaged. I have a huge dent and scratches in my brand new hardwood floors. I will need to sand the floor down and maybe that won’t even fix it. I am also out my AC system too. So trying to cheap out on cooling didn’t go so well. It might even cost me more money to fix my issues than it would have been to tack onto central air conditioning.


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