Wooden or leather chairs for my cozy dollhouse style home

I am looking for some advice on my cozy dollhouse style home.

I have been decorating my cozy dollhouse for several months now- painting, flooring, doors, etc. I am not at the point where I am ready to add some custom furniture to the home (yay!). There have been several custom furniture stores that have caught my eye and they all have wonderful options for the cozy dollhouse style. I have been very close to this project the whole time. I’m afraid my mind is starting to reject everything I try to decorate it with because I’ve gotten used to the house being empty. So, I need your help! I am stuck between the idea of using wooden chairs or leather chairs. I know that might seem miniscule, but it’s an important decision. Leather chairs will give the home a certain robustness that I’m not sure I want, but the wooden chairs will make the home seem rustic which I’m not sure I want either. I know I don’t want to give the cozy dollhouse any sort of modern look (custom plastic furniture, white cloth custom furniture, clear furniture, etc.) but I don’t know if wooden chairs make the home look too rustic and/or if the leather chairs make the home look too stuffy. Should I go with a third option for the custom furniture? Is there something I’m overlooking? Should I choose wooden chairs? Should I choose leather chairs? Should I include both leather and wooden chairs? I just don’t know what I should do. Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know your custom furniture preferences for a cozy dollhouse style home below!


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