Following good workout habits when I run

I really enjoy going for a run for my workout. It’s my favorite type of exercise because of the simplicity. There’s no extra equipment involved. I have the ability to go for a run in just about any location. I always look forward to running when I’m on vacation. It’s such a great way to experience a new location and landscape. I might choose a route along the beach or follow the streets through the city. There’s always so much to see that the run seems to be over very quickly. Even running through my familiar neighborhood helps me to get alleviate stress and clear my mind. When I initially started running for the sake of fitness, I had very little stamina. I could run for less than half a mile before I was forced to slow down to a walking pace. I steadily increased my endurance so that I was running for anywhere from three to more than ten miles. Early on, I made the mistake of running every day. I had a pair of cheap sneakers. I didn’t take the time to warm up and stretch and failed to cool down at the end of the run. Because of this, I developed plantar fasciitis. I needed to rest my feet, put ice on them and buy inserts for my shoes. I also bought better quality running shoes. I learned how to properly warm up and prepare my muscles for the run. Alternating running with other types of workouts lessens the damaging impact on my feet, knees and ankles has helped to minimize soreness and injury. I only run two to three times per week. I buy new sneakers every year. I am more conscientious about drinking water before, during and after a run.
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Jumping rope is a full-body workout

Over the last two years, I’ve become rather obsessed with jumping rope.

I read a blog about the benefits of working the whole body and how jumping rope burns a great deal of calories. I hadn’t jumped since I was a little kid. I was very out of practice. I purchased a fairly decent leather jump rope that featured weighted handles and began practicing. Initially, I frequently stepped on the rope, tripped on it or whacked myself in the calves. I’d get super tired and out of breath really quickly. I couldn’t jump for a full minute without needing a break. I steadily improved and started achieving new skills. I got where I could run with the rope and hop on one foot. I wore out two leather ropes. They knotted, frayed and ripped in half. I then decided to invest some more money for a higher quality set of ropes. I chose a jump rope system that provides one set of handles with interchangeable ropes. The ropes are different weights. Each rope offers a unique style of workout. I switch between them with ease. It takes a matter of second to work the clasp and attach a new rope to the handles. They swing very smoothly. Since buying the new ropes, I’ve accomplished more difficult skills, including crossovers and double-unders. I’ve gained enough stamina to jump for our full hour-long workout. Since I started jumping rope several times per week, I’ve lost weight, slimmed my legs and toned everything from biceps to calf muscles. I really enjoy the workout and am proud of my accomplishment. I’ve purchased sneakers that are designed for jumping rope. I’ve also bought a special mat that won’t slip or curl at the edges.


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My favorite place to workout is on our deck

I complete lunges, squats, abdominal crunches, mountain climbers and push ups

My favorite spot to workout is on my outdoor deck. I have a wooden deck built across the back of the house. It’s elevated and offers a lovely view of my flower gardens, a big pond and a wooded area. I watch for deer, rabbits, woodchucks, foxes, squirrels and all kinds of birds and butterflies. The temperature in my local area is seldom mild enough to workout outside. For most of the year, it’s chilly and wet from either snow or rain, forcing me to workout in the living room. Space is restricted, and I have a fear of causing damage. As soon as possible, I bundle up in warm clothes and move my workout outside. When it’s especially chilly, it takes a lot of effort for me to sufficiently warm up. My muscles remain tight and stiff. It’s difficult to get moving and get motivated. Eventually, the summer heat and humidity turns my workouts into a challenge for the very opposite reason. I’m drenched in sweat before even starting the warmup. The high temperature and sticky feeling make me feel sluggish and slow. I still prefer being outside. I look forward to the sun on my face and breathing fresh air. It energizes me and I’m always in a better mood. On those rare days when the weather is perfect, the workout is so enjoyable. I unroll my yoga mat on the deck, jump rope and lift free weights. I devote about an hour to a variation of a warm up, stretching, weight lifting and high intensity aerobic exercise. I complete lunges, squats, abdominal crunches, mountain climbers and push ups. After the end of workout, I feel great and enjoy a more productive day.

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Enjoying a gymnastic style workout program

I got signed up for gymnastic lessons by my mom when I was three years old. I showed a natural skill for it and just loved it. As the years went by, I began devoting more and more time at the gym. When I turned 7 years old, I was asked to join the competitive team. During middle school and high school, I competed and spent every free minute working out at the gym. I had to train very hard to accomplish new and more challenging skills. I kept myself in peak physical condition by constantly training. I didn’t even think about what or how much I ate. I continued my gymnastics training while at college. My college team competed all over the country and in Canada. Flexibility, strength, balance and stamina were always a priority. Once I graduated and got a job, it was a huge transition for me. I no longer had the opportunity to spend all day at the gym. I was busy working overtime to pay my bills and get a raise. I was trying to cover rent, insurance, groceries and all my living expenses. My lifestyle was stressful, hectic and yet rather sedentary. I put on weight, noticed new aches and pains and began feeling depressed. I knew that I needed to get back to working out again. I made the effort to set my alarm an hour earlier every morning. This allows me an hour of exercise before driving to work. It didn’t take long to feel healthier and happier again. I no longer compete in gymnastics, but I still use the same training style. I practice the skills and feel good about improving my abilities. It’s an awesome way to burn a lot of calories, gain strength and work a lot of different muscles.
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Traveling makes working out more difficult

There’s always enough space to perform lunges, squats and crunches.

My job involves a lot of travelling. I spend more days on the road than I do at home. The long hours sitting in airport terminals, sitting on planes, driving rental cars and staying at hotels can get exhausting. Because of my lifestyle, I need to make extra effort to stay healthy. It would be so easy to put on weight and let my health deteriorate. It’s a challenge to find time to workout. However, I’ve l realized that I suffer less aches and pains and enjoy a more positive outlook when I take care of myself. I look for hotels that feature a fitness center that is accessible 24/7. I often workout extremely early in the morning or late at night. I typically have the hotel’s fitness center to myself. The majority of the time, the fitness centers are outfitted with one treadmill, one stationary bike and some old free weights. If I’m super fortunate, there might be an elliptical, yoga mat, strength training machines and a weight bench. At the more luxurious hotels, I can find a swimming pool. I love to swim laps for my workout. Quite a few of the hotels don’t offer any workout options, so I bring along a jump rope, yoga mat and resistance bands. They fit easily in my suitcase. There’s always enough space to perform lunges, squats and crunches. I often go for a run around the area. I clear the stress from my mind and also take in some new scenery. No matter where I am, I make a point to thoroughly stretch all of my joints and muscles.

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My husband won’t stretch or exercise

My husband Jack and I are only 3 months apart in age.

I have been a vegetarian for many years.

I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol and never any processed foods. I exercise every single day without exception. During my training sessions, I make a point to carefully stretch, devote at least thirty minutes of high intensity cardio and focus on strength training, balance and flexibility. I stick to a strict sleep schedule, get out of bed at the same time every morning and drink lots of water. I spend quite a bit of money on top-of-the-line skin and hair care products. I frequently get mistaken for a woman much younger than my actual age of 56. I haven’t slowed my pace or given up any of my regular activities such as wakeboarding, kayaking, running, swimming or riding my bike. I can’t talk Jack into working out with me. I can’t even convince him to stretch, take a walk or ride a bike. His regular habits are really bad for his health, and I worry about his future quality of life. She smokes at least a pack of cigarettes every day and drinks coffee non stop. He loves fast food, never drinks plain water and makes no effort to protect his skin. He heads to bed at whatever time of night and frequently stays up into the morning watching videos. Jack has put on more weight every year. He now complains about aches and pains. Her knees, hips, ankles and back are a problem for him. I am convinced these problems are going to get steadily worse. I worry his health is going to deteriorate. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t make some effort to take care of his body. I plan to live as long as possible. I hope to be healthy and avoid pain and discomfort.


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Surprised by how much I get out of my gym membership

For the early part of my life, I never considered joining a gym.

I didn’t want to devote the extra time to travel.

I was not willing to pay for membership when I could exercise at home for free. I have an extra bedroom that I’ve redesigned into a home gym. I’ve bought a treadmill, folding mat, free weights, jump rope, kettlebells and resistance cords. I was satisfied with my workout program. About three years ago, my husband gifted me with a gym membership for my birthday. It was a super considerate gift, and I refused to waste his money. I got determined to visit the gym at least three times per week during the span of the one year membership. I figured I’d allow the membership lapse after that. Within the first week of working out at the gym, I’d gotten a new perspective. The selection of equipment is outstanding. At my home gym, I have one standard treadmill. At the professional gym, there are dozens of state-of-the-art treadmills with the latest features. There’s also a row of top quality ellipticals, stairmasters, stationary bikes and rowing machines. There are so many strength training machines, targeting every imaginable muscle group in the shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs. There’s extra options such as battle ropes, speed bags, heavy bags, rock wall and an indoor track. I sometimes swim laps in the indoor pool or relax in the sauna. I have fun joining group fitness classes for something new and interesting. I’ve tried everything from yoga to spin.


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The condo needed ductwork sealing

My partner Max plus I think much more relaxed this year after Max and I moved into our parents’ old homestead.

They decided to downsize plus move everything into a condominium down south right on to the beach.

Instead of selling their old homestead, they gave it to Max plus I as a late wedding gift. Since Max’s credit isn’t fantastic, this was our only opening to own a home until our finances improved. I thanked our parents 10 times over plus then Max did the same exact thing. It feels great having a lake condo that is ours plus is sizable enough to raise a family in, but there are still major improvements that need to be finished. Max had to substitute a window almost instantly plus then the roof had to be fixed as well. During our first few weeks of Wintertime here, Max and I realized that the condo felt drafty. I called a local heating plus cooling contractor so they would send out a worker to inspect our Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I was hoping that Max and I just needed a few adjustments, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. The worker from the local heating plus cooling contractor informed us that Max and I needed to reseal the ductwork. There were numerous locales where lots of air was leaking into our attic. After Max and I had the ductwork resealed, the condo instantly felt warmer with the natural gas furnace running. Although it wasn’t cheap, resealing the ductwork costs a fraction of replacing the ductwork system altogether. Regardless, I’m just cheerful that Max and I can stay warm through the Wintertime now. This work made a world of difference to our heater’s performance level.


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The cleaning crew swept dust plus dirt into the floor vents

I noticed that our natural gas furnace filter was seriously dirty right after they left that day, plus after that I found all of the gunk inside our vent once I removed the cover.

When you become so tied up with the office that you forget you have delicious food in the freezer, you think it’s getting bad. I used to never make a quart of ice cream last longer than a week, but I’ve got a big box of rocky road in our freezer from over 2 weeks ago. There’s entirely no motivation for me to snack on treats, to go out plus have fun, or to watch anything on TV that I enjoy. More often than not I’m buddy with taking our job lake condo with myself and others to avoid longer hours in the office the following morning. I do not like that I forget to mow our lawn, but at least I hired a landscaping crew to take care of that when I can’t. Despite this, I never thought I would become so lackadaisical with the cleaning of the house. But I could only take so much of this after I started sneezing uncontrollably because I kicked up dust bunnies from behind our TV while looking for the remote. These are locales in our condo that I haven’t cleaned in over a year plus it all seemed horrible. I figured hiring a cleaning contractor would solve our concerns, but they simply swept aside the dust plus dirt into our baseboard vents for the central gas furnace. I noticed that our natural gas furnace filter was seriously dirty right after they left that day, plus after that I found all of the gunk inside our vent once I removed the cover. Needless to say I did not hire that cleaner ever again plus I made sure to leave a drawback review on the internet. It took myself and others almost an hour to disinfect all of that dust, dirt, plus lint out of our gas furnace vent. I hope I don’t need to clean the ductwork if enough of it got all the way to our gas furnace filter. This is very frustrating.


New heating

I insisted on using rigid metal air ducts

I found out that my wife and I needed new ductwork due to the state of our existing ventilation system

My allergies depend on the seasons, plus the levels of dust plus ragweed pollen outside. Some of the weather apps include this info whenever you are looking for the weather report for your local area. I read that some of this dust is absolutely drifting across the Atlantic ocean from west Africa. The method of dust clouds getting so high into the atmosphere that they can travel tens of thousands of miles across the ocean seemed so ridiculous at first, but after that I looked at the satellite photos. Those dust clouds are very visible from space whenever there isn’t other weather obscuring the view from above. Needless to say, that our section is not ideal for someone with dire allergies. Until I can find a better job in a state with better air quality, I’m stuck living here plus learning to deal with these issues in any way that I can. Part of that is getting correct inspections and tuneups on our central Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Your central heating plus cooling system is the power center behind your indoor air plus whether or not it stays disinfect plus sanitized. A poorly performing air conditioner or gas furnace plus not as equally equipped to maintain your indoor air quality compared with a brand new system from a quality manufacturer. I found out that my wife and I needed new ductwork due to the state of our existing ventilation system. Even though the plastic-flex ductwork is unbelievably cheaper, I insisted on new rigid metal ductwork just like what came with this condo from the beginning. The heating plus cooling contractor wants you to buy the plastic-flex ductwork because you’ll be a client for life as each ventilation system will degrade plus need to be completely substituted in under 10 years.

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