A home art collection

I need a steady level of humidity 24/7.

My entire life I did not see the point in investing in a 401k. I simply do not foresee myself getting so aged that I would ever money out my giant retirement fund. It seems like a waste of money! Sure I can put my money in there for some company to hold on to it, but I can’t ever get it back. Maybe when I am 76 years aged you’ll let me touch my own money. No thank you. Instead I have typically chosen to invest in material items, that I could sell for money at any point. My favorite thing to invest in is nice art. I am just a creative person, and I entirely appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into real artistic works. My entire home has been filled with art for about 20 years now. It’s entirely charming, however it’s also undoubtedly overpriced to maintain. As you know, with priceless artworks, you have to take undoubtedly great care of them. This means I need to have the best air quality possible– in my entire home. I am not talking about just heating and A/C either. These pieces of work need high-end air at all times. They can’t be in warm and cold rapidly changing temperatures. The temperature needs to be steady typically. They can’t experience humidity flux. I need a steady level of humidity 24/7. They also can’t be exposed to dander dirt or other Airborne contaminants that could possibly start to fade the paint. I have to have air cleaners running all day long to make sure that my air is super clean. With all of this going on with my Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, I also have high-end monitoring systems to make sure that the air temperature unit never goes offline. At this point I actually have the most high tech home on the block..; Just for analog artwork.


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