Heating and A/C tech school

I recognize that my spouse is having a midlife crisis, he told me last weekthat he wanted to quit his task so that he could become an Heating and A/C tech, and i have no idea where this came from because as far as I knew he enjoyed his task.

He studied for a really long time to get where he is with his new company and he has been there for almost 20 years now! So to say that I was shocked is an understatement.

I didn’t know how to respond when he said that he wanted to go to Heating and A/C school, although I knew that I wanted him to be happy. So I told him to go to Heating and A/C tech school at night and keep his day task for now, that way he could decide if quitting was really the best option, I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed Heating and A/C before he quit a task that he worked really hard for! So yeahterday he enrolled in night classes that would allow him to keep his task, however also decide if working at an Heating and A/C company was really the right option for him. I recognize that he is going to find working at an Heating and A/C company boring, however that is something he is going to figure out for himself. I don’t want to put my opinion in there too much, although I did remind him that he would be taking a sizable salary cut.

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