HVAC in hospitals

My mother was a nurse and because of this I have always wanted to be a nurse too.

So I went to nursing school and I finally graduated with my degree in nursing.

This was about four years ago and since then I’ve been working in a hospital full-time. I really love my job and I am so happy to have found coworkers that I liked too. I also love the patience that I work with, I feel so lucky to find a job I like this much. However, there is one thing about my job I’m not crazy about. And that is how cold the hospital is every day. I know we keep the hospital cold to ensure that germs And mildew don’t go in the hospital. However, it’s so cold that it’s almost unbearable. I’ve talked to my boss about changing the temperature of the thermostat and making the common areas where the hospital staff work a little bit warmer. However my boss does not like the idea of us and we have been fighting about the HVAC system for months now. Thankfully a few of the other nurses that I work with agree with me and think we should be able to adjust the thermostat in the common areas. Now I just need to convince my boss that letting us have control of the HVAC system in the common areas is the best idea, but I have a feeling that might not happen, but I am going to keep trying my hardest to change her mind!

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