Praying for a lotto win

I’m not the type of lady who believes I’ll ever win anything, i don’t know that a brilliant future awaits me, plus I absolutely don’t know that a pile of currency will ever fall at my feet. I know plenty of people who are counting on big inheritances or overpriced jobs, even though I don’t foresee anything so fortunate happening to me. That’s why I have a strenuous time even imagining what it would be like to win the lotto. If I ever won I wouldn’t have the first idea what to spend my currency on, plus I certainly wouldn’t be one of those idiots who blows their currency on overpriced toys. In fact, I’d absolutely be super lame plus put my fortune towards something like a current Heating plus Air Conditioning system first plus foremost… You see, while I cherish my current residence, I absolutely despise the heating plus cooling system which is installed here. The temperature control barely controls the air conditioning system or heater, plus it seems like the Heating plus Air Conditioning has a mind of its own most days. The temperature fluctuates wildly throughout the afternoon, no matter if you’re using the A/C or heat. The heater makes bad whining sounds in the middle of the night plus the air conditioner device hums at an irrational volume. The temperature control is an old dial device plus it only imprecisely alters the air conditions. I know it isn’t an exciting idea, but if I ever got so fortunate as to win the lotto I would cherish a modernized Heating plus Air Conditioning system that I could honestly count on.


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