Recovering from broken leg and Heating and A/C reliant

When you’re a kid I feel like that is your prime time for getting disfigurementd, however you’re regularly falling down scraping your knees, banging your head against things, and having random bruises and scratches all over your body. It’s all part of childhood. It’s not so fun when you get to be an adult and you’re still running into the same injuries on a correct basis. In my life, I am pretty often hurt. It’s nobody’s fault except my own. I am just a sizable klutz. Most recently I managed to honestly hurt myself, when I broke my leg of taking a awful step off of our porch. I was walking out the door and waving goodbye to my husband when, I just fell straight off the side of the porch; One trip to the emergency room later, and I returned to the household with a big cast on my leg and some clunky crutches under my arms. I was put on bed rest for the rest of the summer. You can imagine how unhappy I am, but as if it’s not bad enough kneeling around all afternoon long, it’s a tepid and humid summer. I feel like our Heating and A/C system cannot keep up with the amount of heat and humidity that is consistently churning outside. Our little household is not well sealed, and tepid air is consistently sleeping in while the chilly high quality air leaks right out. This means I am uncomfortable most of the afternoon. I was complaining and complaining to my husband, and he was getting honestly sleepy of adjusting the control unit for me every time I got to warm. After a few weeks of my continual bitching and complaining he must have gotten sick of hearing about the air temperature. One afternoon he walked in and handed me a remote. “This is for the smart control unit,” he said, “you’re welcome.” I guess that is cheaper than a divorce.


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