Spa better have great Heating, Ventilation and A/C settings

When I decide to pay on something for myself, it had better turn out the best way possible.

I do not often go out on a limb and dedicate money to my own happiness. If I am going to make a giant plunge and invest in myself I want it to be perfect. That’s why I am pretty worried about the spa weekend that I have coming up. My therapist was insistent that I did something nice for myself, so she forced me to invest in a spa weekend to treat myself. I was entirely uncomfortable with the entire idea, not only is that money that I do not want to spend, but I do not even know if I like Spas. I have never been to one. I can only hope that is as incredibly comfortable as it’s supposed to be. I am looking forward to complete relaxation, and that includes ideal indoor comfort. Mostly oh, I think that I am worried about their indoor Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. I know that has a different thing to be sad about, but I entirely am a giant fan of proper indoor air rapidly changing temperatures. If you’re going to ask me to strip down to a robe, or less, you had better have ideal indoor air rapidly changing temperatures and high quality air all around me. I do not want to be resting there shivering, shaking, and rubbing my hands together while I am supposed to be relaxing. I do not want someone’s cold hands touching my cold body when I am getting a massage. I do not want you to feel cold drafts blowing all over while I am having acupuncture performed. I know these are silly things to worry about, but hopefully going to the spa will relieve some of my stress.


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