Stealing HVAC units

My brother is a criminal and currently serving about six years in prison.

My brother has always had trouble with the law since we were little kids. He was always getting in trouble while we were in school and he hung out with a pretty rough crowd. My parents were always really worried about him, but I thought his bad behavior was something he would just grow out of one day. Well, fast forward a few years and I was very wrong. He is still hanging out with that same bad crowd, but now they are getting into real trouble. We found out a couple of months ago that my brother was going around the area and stealing HVAC units from people. I guess they were still the outdoor HVAC components because most of the HVAC units will have copper wire inside that is worth a lot of money. My brother and his friends had taken about sixty HVAC units before they were caught by the cops. My parents were so upset because they could not afford to pay for his lawyer fees and he ended up getting six years in prison. I thought his sentence was pretty light because they stole so many HVAC units from people, but I guess the court didn’t see it that way. This situation has taught me that I need to make sure my outdoor HVAC component is locked away so criminals like my brother can’t come by my house and still it in the middle of the night.

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