You know this rain is “weather”

It’s so funny living where I do now.

The city is definitely cool, plus I savor the sights all around.

I prefer the environment in the culture here quite a bit, however, people definitely are large babies. Maybe it’s because I am just tougher than they are. However, I know everybody is a bit ridiculous plus overdramatic 99% of the time. Yep, I am talking about weather. Everybody around here is complaining all the time saying that it’s ungodly hot, or too humid to go outside. There’s consistently reasons why they cannot do something. All of a abrupt the sun came out, plus I willsweat to death if I walk outside. It’s definitely funny, considering my buddy and I all have a/c units. If people aren’t panicking about the heat, they are panicking about the cold. I barely gets freezing here at all in the winter. in fact, I would say it barely gets under 45 degrees throughout the winter time time. That does not stop people from freaking out nonstop, and poop definitely hits the fan when rain starts happening though. For whatever reason people act as though they have not ever seen precipitation before. Everyone starts freaking out plus saying that the end is near, then really, the only thing that my buddy and I need to worry about is losing our a/c. The roads will handle the rain fine, but the power lines will not. There’s so many large trees in the city that the branches come down plus bring power lines with them. That means you’re going to go without AC for a week. Still, if people would just know a little bit, they would buy a portable a/c component plus a backup generator. Instantly, there has no more threat of going without cool air in the heat plus humidity. They should be as taxing as me.

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